THP² Europe is specialized in the development and implementation of all available digitized test and measuring equipment, as well as high-end, digitized and secured monitoring systems to support the sport, leisure, paramedical and medical market. THP² offers quality solutions for reliable and reproducible testing and monitoring systems. 

If you're an entrepreneur in the fitness, physical therapy, wellness or in health and safety services, you might want to think about also starting to use the Total Health & Performance Plan, just like more and more companies who have professionalized their services on a scientific base.

In case you have any questions about our products, concepts or services, or need more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@thp2.eu or call us at +315 12 354 156         

Through Health Check Shop (www.healthcheckshop.nl), THP² Europe’s subsidiary, there are offered online supplies and loose test and measurement equipment. Click here to visit the online store.


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