About THP²

Health and health promotion are rapidly becoming more important in Western countries in a wide context. The consumption of health food and especially exercise are promoted through governmental promotion campaigns and even within companies as a part of their health management strategies. Physical activity is important for people themselves, as it influences health and the rate at which people physically and cognitively grow old. Too little physical activity also leads to a higher risk of diseases and an earlier death. Furthermore, health is an important factor for companies as their absenteeism rates are higher when employees have an unhealthy lifestyle.
All the features mentioned above lead to the need for professionalization of companies who provide health promotion as part of their services. This process contributes to the need for the ability to 'measure health’ in an efficient, valid and reliable way, a need which is solved by the Total Health and Performance Plan (THP²).

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Promofilm HAN SENECA

Nieuwe promofilm van HAN SENECA over de uitvoer van periodiek medisch onderzoek (PMO) en integraal...

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