THP² Europe is a organisation that focuses on the development and application of high-standard test and measuring equipment within markets that aim for improvement in health and performance.

Total Health & Performance Plan Europe (THP² Europe) considers healthiness to be a basic condition for the functioning of people in their daily lives. Examples are their working spaces, schools, sports clubs or one’s social environment. Health improvement for individuals as well as groups of persons is therefore necessary for societal wealth on a social as well as an economical basis. THP² Europe believes that the early detection of health risks through health screenings on individual and group levels is the basis of effective and efficient health improvement. Digital and new technologies for testing and measuring offer excellent opportunities to improve existing screening methods in validity and reliability and to therefore initiate adequate follow-up.

THP² Europe has set a target to develop a new integral test and measuring concept for health screening and to apply this concept among a broad range of people. The newest insights and technologies for testing and measuring people are thereby used. Also, the newest ICT developments are integrated into the concept. THP² Europe aims for the highest possible sensitivity of the tests in the concept, but also for the maximal usefulness of the results for the end-user in the way in which these are presented to him. 


Promofilm HAN SENECA

Nieuwe promofilm van HAN SENECA over de uitvoer van periodiek medisch onderzoek (PMO) en integraal...

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