Why THP²?

THP² is a management system in which the whole process of fitness testing and exercise prescription is automatically processed and systematically managed. With this system it is possible to detect health risks early through health screening on an individual level and within groups.
There is a need for professionalizing health promotion activities and to improve its quality; the Total Health and Performance Plan contributes to this process by using the latest technologies and insights regarding testing and measuring people, and it uses the latest developments in ICT in linking and integrating the various components of the testing system.

Some advantages that THP² Europe brings to the fitness, physical therapy and wellness sectors are: 
•   More professional selection of corporate care, self management, prevention and lifestyle, among others  
•   From fitness centre to knowledge centre within the local area
•   Access to new audiences (for example diabetes patients, COPD patients and companies)
•   Stands out from the competition
•   Customer loyalty/retention within your centre


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