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THP² Europe Total Health & Performance Plan

If you have any questions about THP² Europe's products or if you are interested in professionalizing your company together with other companies that have integrated the Total Health & Performance Plan, feel free to contact us.

THP² Europe BV
Chamb. Comm.: 55016995

Torenstraat 53
9201 JS Drachten
The Netherlands

Warehouse and Production:
Het Gangboord 31
9206 BJ Drachten
The Netherlands
+315 12 354 156


THP2 partner in NWO Subsidie voor onderzoek naar actief leven tijdens gehele levensloop

NWO heeft het subsidievoorstel TRansition Into Active Living (TRIAL), ingediend door prof. dr. Ber...

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THP2 presents AfaScan

Ontdek je echte fysieke conditie           ...

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