Testing Systems

THP² is a total fitness and wellness system, composed of a TMS (Training Management System) and an AMS (Assessing Management System), whereby each user is able to assess his/her current physical status and compare it with a source of data accumulated over nearly two decades. A user can get the recommended prescription from the system for better condition or wellness. The system will help you, as a trainer, a doctor or other health professional, to manage your clients with systematic and scientific methods. 

THP² Europe offers two different testing systems: a single-use system and a multi-use testing system. The scope of the testing system, however, is completely dependent on the wishes, needs and means of a company and its intended audience. This allows for the making of a custom testing system for each organisation.

The single-use testing system, also known as the Compact Set, is the smallest system, for which all components are connected to a central server, and for which there is no separate portal for every testing or measurement system. For the multi-use testing system, each testing and measurement system does have its own portal, all of which feed to a central server.
THP² (Total Health & Performance Plan) has been developed to measure and analyze physical structure and shape, which are continuously changing, for the purpose of scientific exercise prescription and systematic health management. With a massive database, we have made an effort for a self-developed program and on/off line system so that we can offer scientific exercise prescription and systematic statistics management. Users can combine the test equipment selectively as a result of quality customer service.

PDF THP² Health Assessment Systems


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