Healthy Lifestyle Innovation Quarters for Cities and Citizens (HeaLIQs 4 Cities)

Gepubliceerd op 29/10/2018
HeaLIQs 4 Cities promoted interaction between citizens, local academia, SMEs and government. 
They have met in Lifestyle Innovation Quarters (LIQs), which were open for an established time period during big physical activity events. In the LIQs, citizens engaged in lifestyle assessments, test innovative products from SMEs and engaged in community programmes. 
All of the activities focussed on learning about a healthy lifestyle in an approachable setting. LIQs enabled lifestyle mapping and assisted in the work of scouting for successful lifestyle approaches in the EU.

Course/Programme Objectives:  HeaLIQs 4 Cities aimed to increase public visibility of regional R&D in the area of Healthy Living and Active Ageing by inviting citizens to engage in a Lifestyle Innovation Quarter. These LIQs were temporary fora established at a central location in the city during a big public event, such as an organised running event. The LIQs enabled citizens to test and co-develop innovative products of local SMEs, to get informed on HLAA-related programmes run by local governments and to receive academia supported lifestyle checks with personalized lifestyle advice.

This year two LIQs are established in Groningen, Netherlands, and Coimbra, Portugal, two cities/regions that were deemed “Reference Sites for Active and Healthy Ageing”. This recognition, given by the European Commission, highlights a region’s successful integration of academia, industry, government and the end-user communities – the quadruple helix. The activities targeted visitors of the University games EUSA 2018 (20-22 July at Alma Shopping) in Coimbra and the Healthy Ageing Week & 4-Mile Run of Groningen (7-14 October). 
In both events, the LIQs enrolled the citizens in physical activity, healthy lifestyle assessments and technology use/development in exhibition booths and living labs.

Target Group: The LIQs are freely accessible to all citizens (athletes and spectators) who engaged with healthy lifestyles services and technologies for physical activity, wellbeing and health assessment. Business partners from Coimbra and Groningen, and startup/SME networks, showcased innovative products to stimulate market adoption of innovation. 
Via the two physical activity events in Coimbra and Groningen they reached out to 20 000 citizens/athletes and involved 30 businesses, regional authorities and academia.

THP2 was Measuring partner in this European project Healthy Lifestyle Innovation Quarters for Cities and Citizens (HeaLIQs 4 Cities), in Coimbre - Portugal and Groningen - The Netherlands.

THP² Europe is specialized in the development and implementation of all possible digitized test and measuring equipment, as well as high-end, digitized and secured monitoring systems to support the sport, leisure, paramedical and medical market. THP² offers quality solutions for reliable and reproducible testing and monitoring systems. 

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