About THP²

Total Health & Performance Plan

Health and health promotion are rapidly becoming more important in Western countries in a wide context. The consumption of health food and especially exercise are promoted through governmental promotion campaigns and even within companies as a part of their health management strategies. Physical activity is important for people themselves, as it influences health and the rate at which people physically and cognitively grow old. Too little physical activity also leads to a higher risk of diseases and an earlier death. Furthermore, health is an important factor for companies as their absenteeism rates are higher when employees have an unhealthy lifestyle.

All the features mentioned above lead to the need for professionalization of companies who provide health promotion as part of their services. This process contributes to the need for the ability to ‘measure health’ in an efficient, valid and reliable way, a need which is solved by the Total Health and Performance Plan (THP²).


Why THP²?

THP² is a management system in which the whole process of fitness testing and exercise prescription is automatically processed and systematically managed. With this system it is possible to detect health risks early through health screening on an individual level and within groups.

There is a need for professionalizing health promotion activities and to improve its quality; the Total Health and Performance Plan contributes to this process by using the latest technologies and insights regarding testing and measuring people, and it uses the latest developments in ICT in linking and integrating the various components of the testing system.

Some advantages that THP² Europe brings to the fitness, physical therapy and wellness sectors are:

  • More professional selection of corporate care, self management, prevention and lifestyle, among others  
  • From fitness centre to knowledge centre within the local area
  • Access to new audiences (for example diabetes patients, COPD patients and companies)
  • Stands out from the competition
  • Customer loyalty/retention within your centre



Total Health & Performance Plan Europe (THP² Europe) considers healthiness to be a basic condition for the functioning of people in their daily lives. Examples are their working spaces, schools, sports clubs or one’s social environment. Health improvement for individuals as well as groups of persons is therefore necessary for societal wealth on a social as well as an economical basis. THP² Europe believes that the early detection of health risks through health screenings on individual and group levels is the basis of effective and efficient health improvement. Digital and new technologies for testing and measuring offer excellent opportunities to improve existing screening methods in validity and reliability and to therefore initiate adequate follow-up.


THP² Europe has set a target to develop a new integral test and measuring concept for health screening and to apply this concept among a broad range of people. The newest insights and technologies for testing and measuring people are thereby used. Also, the newest ICT developments are integrated into the concept. THP² Europe aims for the highest possible sensitivity of the tests in the concept, but also for the maximal usefulness of the results for the end-user in the way in which these are presented to him. 


THP² Europe is headquartered in the Netherlands. THP² Europe, a Dutch initiative, originates from a collaboration between South-Korean knowledge centres such as National Fitness Centre (NFC), the national health research institution of the Korean government and KNSU, the Korean National Sports University. THP² Europe also works closely together with Universities of Applied Sciences and several Dutch institutes of sport and physical examination. THP² Europe is a company that focuses on innovative techniques.

In the collaboration between THP² Europe, the research partner institutions in South Korea and Europe, the importance of research, the validation of data and the development of universal standards are first and foremost. 

THP² Europe is not only a developer but also a distributor of various digital test and measurement tools and monitoring systems on the corporate market. THP² Europe is responsible for potential adjustments and innovations, i.e. the further development, to these systems. 


HAN Seneca the center of expertise for Sport, Labor and Health at the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen. As a research partner, HAN Seneca collects large-scale health data with the THP² measurement systems and uses this for relevant research.


Van der Valk Vitaal offers a wide range of various vitality services such as psychology, physiotherapy, orthopedics, exercise therapy and various other para-medical specialties. All under one roof. And of course supplemented with the usual high-quality hospitality and facilities from Van der Valk.


Vitaal Lab for health and lifestyle checks. Working with professionals and many years of experience in conducting medical research and health interventions, Vitaal Lab has become the leading organization that specializes in health promotion for individuals as well as within organizations.


THP², the Total Health & Performance Plan is a cooperation partner of the JOHAN Platform, the ecosystem for sustainable employability. Data obtained by questionnaires and physical measurements from the THP² system can now be fully unlocked in the JOHAN platform at both individual and group level.

The Association of Exclusive Sports Centers is an umbrella fitness organization to which the 100 best sports and fitness centers in the Netherlands are affiliated.


Healthy Aging Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN). The portal for activities in the Northern Netherlands that contribute to healthy and active aging. HANNN connects companies, knowledge institutions, healthcare parties and governments.


BAG is an independent organization for Labor and Health. Together with the network of branches and advisers, they will work on sustainable and current employability. This service is aimed at employers and employees.


Fys’Optima is the largest national quality network of physiotherapy practices. Fys’Optima partners distinguish themselves through service, quality and transparency.


InPraktijk helps with setting up, implementing, maintaining and coaching with the implementation of a practical quality system. They already provide this service for more than 500 Fysio practices.



Lease advantages for customers:

  • Simple financial planning through constant monthly charges
  • Retaining your own working capital and providing credit opportunities for new financial challenges
  • Only a small adjustment to liquidity
  • Interchangeability of objects with a short lifespan, which means always the latest technology.