THP² Europe introduces its Total Health and Performance Plan Compact Set. This compact digital measuring set consists of software, devices, questionnaires and health reports. This set makes it possible to professionally conduct do measurements and perform tests within small spaces. Ten different measurement systems are connected to a central server and measure features like blood pressure, flexibility or grip strength. Afterwards, the results are analyzed and combined to come to an advice on how to improve general health.

The advantages of the Compact Set are:

  • Professional, essential health assessment
  • Automatic (and essential) reporting and advice
  • Valid basis for a tailored follow-up procedure
  • Central and secure data storage for the purpose of long-term monitoring
  • ‘Compact’: takes up little space
  • Proficiency and quality guaranteed through cooperation with research institutions, such as
  • HAN University of Applied Sciences. 

It is a compact digital testing set with web-based software, automated health reports, an online questionnaire module and all testing tools included in a wireless network. It is the ideal retention testing tool! Or do you wish to make money off health checks? We are happy to calculate your profits for you. 

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Multi-use System

The scope of a multi-use testing system is completely dependent on the wishes, needs and means of a company and its intended audience. This allows for the making of a custom testing system for each organisation. A multi-use testing system contains a digital data console for each testing tool. One advantage of this is that multiple individuals may be tested simultaneously, allowing for a continuous flow of participants. Listed below are three examples of possible multi-use testing systems. 

The advantages of the Multi-use Set are: 

  • Continuous flow of clients 
  • Higher purchase price 
  • Fully configurable 
  • From 20 m²
  • Each device has its own console with Bluetooth connected equipment


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THP² AfaScan Reveal True Fitness                    

AfaScan- The world’s first high-tech integrated fitness assessment platform. AfaScan measures explosiveness, strength, balance, flexibility, agility, and endurance. AfaScan enables coaches and athletes to assess fitness levels like never before. ln-depth fitness data motivates individuals to achieve their goals. Training progress is visible in every training session. The 30 scan function allows individuals to see how training is changing their physique and the next goals to achieve. 

Fast, Accurate and Reliable: AfaScan system adopts advanced sensor technologies. lt is high-speed, highly accurate and highly reliable, it is captable of measuring movements up to 2000 degree/second of rotation, 200G of acceleration at frequency of 200hz, and meauring pressure up to 8000 pounds at accuracy of 1 ounce. 

Professional and Versatile: It covers all major muscles groups and hundreds of individual athletic rnovements. 

Quick and Easy: Simple and fast, AfaScan runs a comprehensive 7-task fitness assessment in just 10 minutes.

Elite Training:  Now coaches can quickly assess targeted strengths and weaknesses. Tuis enables them to create tailored classes to achieve fitness goals taster. 

Real Time Feedback: Real-time feedback inspires individuals to discover true fitness. 

3D Body Scan: The 3D scan function allows individuals to see how training is changing their physique and the next goals to achieve. 

THP² AfaScan Professional Performance Data 
AfaScan covers all major muscle groups and hundreds of individual athletic movements. The system carries out professional sports training assessments, such as explosiveness, maximum force, and balance assessment during vertical jump take-off and landing. Cutting-edge sensor technology reveals hidden parameters such as maximum force du ring push-ups, and maximum frequency during quick-steps. 
AfaScan assessment reports summarize explosiveness, strength, balance, flexibility, agility, and endurance of an individual. lt displays relative strength of major muscle groups. lt also provides in-depth performance data of each athletic movement.  Now coaches can quickly assess targeted strengths and weaknesses. This enables them to create tailored classes to achieve fitness goals taster. 

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The vitality portal and management system are together known as the Portal, which is a web-based system from which clients may be given questionnaires, schedules and reports to more efficiently conduct health checks (inspections, preventative checks, occupational health psychology and surveys). The unburdening of the internal organisation of current structures is of paramount importance in this. 

Development is based on long-term cooperation in terms of content and know-how with several international research institutes. The portal has been extensively tested and (further) developed through services provided by health providers in Europe and Asia. Clients such as the police, the fire department and municipal offices are currently making use of the available facilities.

The aim is to create extensive cooperation between knowledgeable parties, whereby the Portal is continually developed to meet the latest requirements and the needs of organisations and the industry. The management system contains questionnaires, databases and reports. The vitality portal contains exercise plans, logs, digital coaching and content pages.

The Management System

The management system is the foundation from which all health procedures can be developed. In the management system, digital questionnaires may be created and sent to participants, advisory reports may be generated for individuals and groups, and the scheduling of ‘testing days’ may be planned and announced here. 

The Vitality Portal 

The vitality portal is an extra tool that may be used to provide more comprehensive guidance to clients over a longer period of time, and thus offers greater control. 

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Data that THP² stores for advice and interventions

In addition to the general personal data that we process, the following data can also be stored for the benefit of the advice and interventions that can be carried out with the THP² Health Portal:

Sharing personal data with third parties

The data will only be shared anonymously with third parties for the purpose of scientific research. Third parties can be knowledge institutes or knowledge institutes that conduct research into lifestyle, health or related subjects.