Vitality Portal and Management System

The Management System

  1. Web-based system
  2. Custom look and feel
  3. Large array of validated questionnaires, including: 
    • PSA
    • Job satisfaction
    • Work risks
    • Lifestyle
    • Safety
    • And more
  4. Scheduling
    • Individual
    • Group
  5. Email feature
  6. Norms and classifications
    • Can be manually defined by the user
  7. Grant status
  8. Project and group management 
  9. Participant status management 
  10. User levels
  11. Dashboard feature
  12. Import and Export of external data
    • Export features
      • Export of raw data of intake and physical tests to CSV
      • Export of interpreted data (compared to benchmark) of intake and physical tests to CSV
      • Export of advisory reports
      • Export of data to the portal
      • Total export feature
  13. User overview
    • Viewing results of individual test sections
    • User management
    • User details
  14. Reports
    • Individual (participant)
    • Group
    • Individual (physician)
  15. Data management
    • Database building for the purpose of research

The Vitality Portal

  1. Webbased
  2. Front page website (general section)
    • Videos, photos, text.
    • A visitor to the portal is shown the complete website/front page. This may be filled with videos, images and text by the client himself.
    • Visitors may view the public part of the website.
    • Participants/coaches/admins/superadmins can log into the website using their email address and password.
  3. Custom look and feel 
  4. Private part of portal (secure section)
  5. Personal login and profiles of participants
  6. Participant dashboard
    • Today’s schedule
    • Upcoming events
    • Participant’s log
    • Advice
  7. Measurements, health profiles
  8. Coaches, assigning of an e-coach
    • E- coaching
  9. Participant’s log
    • Read and archive messages 
    • Place message
    • Contact coach
  10. Advice
  11. Diet plan
    • Custom-made by coaches
  12. Exercise plan (from exercise to physical strain to mindfulness)
    • Custom-made by coaches.
  13. Assessment times, monitoring personal health
  14. Profile pages 
  15. Uploading and downloading of articles
  16. Info portal
  17. Connection between application and management system 
    • Participants can download their advisory reports.
    • Participants can be fed from the application system.
    • Continuous communication from application to portal